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Subscription box of the month- Candy club

Ugh… everybody, unless your a martian, has a time when you just need something sweet. But leaving the house to fulfill the sweet cravings is not as easy especially in this HOT {emphasize hot} California summer heat { at least where I live}.  Temperatures reach the low hundreds making it seem nearly impossible; But don’t worry candy club is here to help. Candy club is a monthly subscription box tailored completely for you!  With three to four brand new candies each month, candy club fulfills every craving from pucker up sours to rich chocolate and gummy candies; This club has it all.  The box itself usually starts at $27.99 but I was able to snag mine for around $13.99 after the 4th of July discount.

Let’s in to everything I recieved in the box.


To start off , all the candies were safely secured within the bubble wrap so no damaged goods👍🏻.

The first candy I recieved were classic m&m’s overall you can’t really go wrong with these they were amazing creamy and came in great condition considering the heat…


The second candies were a little more unique, I went with peach rings because its something I don’t necessarily reach for. And was very impressed by the quality and after the first 2 you get kinda hooked on the sweet peach flavor and the soft chewy texture


And the last candies I received were the Dorval sour lemonade belts. THAT WERE AMAZING… I can’t. The flavor was accurate to the name and truly live up to the sour title. These tasted so good and hit the stop exactly ..



overall this box was amazing however the product was a little pricey for the amount of products given


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