Top 5 under $5

With all this new makeup coming out I feel like the prices just keep getting higher, Don’t you?. Anyways I made this list of my top 5 personal faves from the drugstore that are less painful to your wallet. 

This first one is any of the elf primers, They come in at around 5.99 and feel luxurious and smooth on the skin and make foundation so much easier. Get it here for $5.99

This second one I just recently picked up and fell in love with. This is a really nice duo palette the bronzer is actually very similar to the cocoa contour except for the difference in scent. The colors are pigmented, creamy and apply nicely to the skin.  Get it here for $4.99.

This one I heard some hype about and after trying it I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality. I found mine at a Walgreens for around 5 or so dollars on sale.

Testing the product; On the package it claims that in one simple swipe the product will make your lashes long and luxurious. While I tried this I really liked the fine bristles because they smaller bristles make the mascara apply smoothly and keep the product from clumping up on the lashes unlike other mascaras I tried. If you happen to see this I recommend you give this product a try. Get it here for $4.99

With all the highlighter trends coming out passing by this product in the drugstore was to tempting to say no. So I purchased it at my local Walgreens for around $4.99

Testing the product; When I tried this I had no idea what to expect I have never even tried this brand, However I was thoroughly impressed. The product was creamy and blendable. the product also gave a healthy natural glow and applied nicely {didn’t leave chunks of product or glitter like other cream highlighters}  And for the price it was a great deal. However the product can also be applied really anywhere which was a huge plus for me. Get it here for $4.99

And lastly I can’t forget to include these wet n wild brushes that take the prize for some of the most affordable good quality brushes, The best part … they are in almost any drugstore! which makes them not only easy to get but are easy on the wallet.

Testing the product: I purchased the crease brush from a Walgreens for around $1, when I got home I tested it with one of my shadows and it applied really nicely this is also one of my must haves in my makeup bag and hopefully one for you! get it here for 0.98