Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer

Going into the review I remember seeing TONS of beauty bloggers etc. etc. using this product and I just had to try it. The product itself comes in study packaging with a nice clasp so product won’t fall out or break. The product also comes in 3 shades light {milk chocolate}, medium { no chocolatey name for this one }, and lastly dark or {dark chocolate}.  Off the bat the product claims to smell like chocolate which got my attention immediately I mean who doesn’t like chocolate, I then saw they claimed the product would give radiance to the skin yet keeping it matte which I also found interesting. P.S I found this product in a Sephora and I do know its pretty common it cost me around $30 usd.

Testing the product:  I immediately rushed home to test the product, I first swatched it with my finger the product came off creamy and very pigmented and true to the claimed color. It was also very easily to blend and adjust. However I found the medium shade a little light if someone with medium skin tone was gonna use the product however I have very fair to a medium complexion and it worked perfectly for me. Overall this product is a must have in my makeup bag, I also know they carry a travel size which is perfect for a on the go glow.